Training Watson and Hiring for Big Data

If you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em – or at least sit down with them and work things out. Such may be the perspective of students at Ryerson, one of only a few select institutions to be granted access to IBM’s AI computer system, Watson. By integrating Watson with the curriculum, these students are helping the world understand how AI may help organizations to quickly analyze, understand and respond to Big Data.

But what kind of person does it take to train Watson? Someone who can master data? Someone who understands the nuances of code? Or maybe it’s not a single person at all. We asked Dr. Ayse Bener for her insight.

A close-up of a printed illustration titled “The AI Landscape”.

Companies and senior executives need to think strategically about how soon disruptive technologies are going to impact them and how they can transform their organizations in terms of people skills, infrastructure and new markets.

Ayse Bener, Professor
Mechanical and Industrial Engineering
Director, Big Data