iHealth and the Quantified Self

The premise of the “Quantified Self” phenomenon is that people make better decisions about their own health when they have data that helps them understand it. And while momentum around the concept seems recent, there are technologies that have been under development for more than 10 years. iHealth is one example of the future of patient-driven preventative healthcare.

Dr. Sridhar Krishnan’s work focuses on how we can learn from data. One of his many projects identifies cancer through vocal detection and machine learning. He has worked in the field of biomedical signal analysis for the last 20 years.

A student holds a stylus pen and monitor displaying biomedical recordings.

Wherever there is an electrical signal in the body, we are there. That’s the whole job of this research group – we work on non-invasively detecting signals in the human body.

Sridhar Krishnan, Professor and Canada Research Chair, Biomedical Engineering